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MedCom - in English

MedCom – In brief

MedCom was established in 1995 as a public funded, non profit cooperation. MedCom facilitates the cooperation between authorities, organisations and private firms linked to the Danish healthcare sector. In the 1999 financial agreement between the counties and central government, it was decided that MedCom would be made permanent, with the following objective:

"MedCom will contribute to the development, testing, dissemination and quality assurance of electronic communication and information in the healthcare sector with a view to supporting good patient progression".

MedCom’s profile was intensified further in connection with the financial agreement between the regions and the government for 2011 which states that,

“MedCom is continued based on the politically established goals and milestones concerning cross-sectorial communication and with a precise role as operating organisation. MedCom solves problems with a focus to support efficient performance and a gradual expansion of the national eHealth infrastructure, which is necessary for a safe and coherent access to relevant data and communication across regions, municipalities, and general practitioners”.

MedCom is financed and owned by:

  • The Ministry of Health
  • Danish Regions
  • Local Government Denmark

MedCom’s steering committee is furthermore composed by the partners in MedCom.

MedCom has, since its establishment, worked in time-constricted project periods of 2 – 4 years. MedCom8 takes place in 2012 – 2013 and includes 7 project lines:

1. The Chronic Patient Project
2. E-record and P-record
3. Local authority projects
4. Common Medication Card in medical practice
5. Telemedicine
6. Practice and Laboratory projects
7. International projects

Furthermore three service- and technology activities are handled.

• Standards, testing, and certification
• The Danish Healthcare Data Network (SDN) and video hub (VDX)
• Technological future-proofing of MedCom communication

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