Opdateret 9. november 2020

About MedCom

For more than 25 years, Denmark has seen a significant roll-out of IT services within the whole healthcare sector with the hospitals, general practitioners and municipalities leading the way.

Health data network

MedCom was established in 1994 as a publicly funded, non-profit organisation with the mission of facilitating the digital cooperation between authorities, public organisations, private entities, and companies who are all linked to the Danish healthcare sector. MedCom is financed and owned by the Ministry of Health, Danish Regions and Local Government Denmark (municipalities).

MedCom enables general practitioners (GPs), hospitals, municipalities, and other healthcare providers to exchange health information by developing and implementing digital solutions. These solutions enable data exchange across sectors in order to support a digitally coherent healthcare system, which ensures that patients and citizens receive the best possible care and that relevant health information is available across the whole care pathway. MedCom works in close cooperation with all parts of the healthcare sector, incl. the IT vendors, aiming to build solutions that support clinical needs and procedures and that are implementable across the healthcare ecosystem.  

Furthermore, MedCom also safeguards data to allow specialised IT systems to exchange health data in a secure and trusted way. For example, when a patient has multiple contacts with different parts of the healthcare system or when a video connection enables patients to have a consultation with their GP from home.