Opdateret 14. januar 2019


Euro-CAS, European eHealth Interoperability Conformity Assessment Scheme, is a coordination and support action to maintain and develop the adoption and take-up of testing the interoperability of ICT solutions against eHealth standards and specifications as defined in the eHealth European Interoperability Framework (eHealth EIF). The main objective is to establish a sustainable European Conformity Assessment Scheme - CASforEU - associated with the maintenance of the eEIF, thus fostering a wider eHealth interoperability uptake for the entire European market.

Background information

  • Programme: Horizon 2020
  • Start: December 2016
  • Duration: 24 months
  • Budget: € 995.912,50
  • Website

Main output/Impact

The main output of the project is the Conformity Assessment Scheme for Europe - CASforEU - based on the Antilope recommendations, i.e. development of a flexible framework aligned with existing International eHealth Conformity Assessment and that supports extensions. This framework will be included in the Refined European Interoperability Framework (ReEIF) for implementation at the European level. Additional guidelines will provide guidance to the national/regional organisations that are developing eHealth programmes in order to maintain consistency in Europe, promote the European single market and ensure sustainability.

MedCom’s role

MedCom will contribute with its long-standing experience regarding developing, testing, certifying, implementing and monitoring interoperability solutions in the national cross sector healt care environment. More specifically, MedCom will:

  • Be a Member of the core project management group;
  • Provide input on conformance testing and conformance scheme definition for eHealth standards;
  • Function as Work Package 2 leader on analysing existing conformance schemes. WP2 evaluates four to five interoperability schemes already deployed, covering international, national, regional eHealth interoperability scheme as well as interoperability scheme which is not within the (e)Health domain;
  • Be a contributor to the development of the CASforEU.