Opdateret 14. januar 2019

MedCom International

An international network across borders benefits both MedCom and cooperating partners on a national as well as regional level.

Standardisation as agenda

MedCom is inspired by the construction and further development of the electronic communication and standardisation of the healthcare sector abroad. Besides the Danish projects, MedCom has an international project line with focus on innovative projects. Especially test, certification, quality control and IT infrastructure to standardisation of electronic communication is highly prioritised.

Knowledge sharing with the neighbours

A close cooperation across borders ensures that the Danish healthcare sector always has the newest knowledge about the opportunities within telemedicine and IT in the healthcare sector – both on a regional and an international level. At the same time, MedCom is also disseminating knowledge and experience from Danish projects to foreign colleagues. MedCom’s international department is acknowledged internationally and is often invited to participate in international projects. The cooperation is important for the further development of healthcare IT in Denmark.

Close cooperation opens up new opportunities

The purpose of MedCom’s international activities and projects is to ensure that we use the international experiences in a Danish context and that Danish experiences in the same way is transferred to international solutions and standards. That is why MedCom incorporates results from international projects to regional and national activities.

In recent years, MedCom has focused on participating in international projects that creates synergy with national projects and activities. Currently, MedCom is focusing on the following international activities:

  • International promotion of Danish healthcare IT
  • International standardisation work
  • Exchange of experiences with European (EHTEL - see below) and Nordic networks
  • Participation in relevant EU Projects

The Core Competences of MedCom International

MedCom is engaged in telemedicine, infrastructure services and standardisation, testing and dissemination of electronic communication in the health care sector.

Telemedicine includes health services which can be delivered across long or short distances through the use of ICT, including the support of diagnosis, treatment, prevention, research, and education. Home monitoring covers the solutions in which the telemedicine service is delivered to the patient’s home. Hence, telemedicine is relevant for both local authorities and the private health sector, as well as for the patient/citizen at home.

The international team are experienced project managers. Competences includes:

  • Writing proposals
  • Project management (work package leadership)
  • Project coordination

The international team cooperates with MedCom’s experts (standardization, testing, security etc.) in the international projects as needed.

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