Opdateret 9. november 2020

MedCom International

An international network across borders benefits both MedCom and cooperating partners on a national as well as regional level.

Denmark can benefit from European and international knowledge, development, and trends. Even though Denmark and the Danish healthcare sector are digitally advanced and that it is not possible to make a one-to-one comparison to other countries, there are still international developments to learn from and new tendencies to explore. All this can inspire Denmark – and MedCom - to move in to new and modern directions. Foreign vendors are also entering the Danish market, meaning it is important to be geared to embrace international standards if an open and competitive market for eHealth systems is the goal.

Especially when it comes to standards, HL7 FHIR has both the international community’s attention as well as MedCom’s. In the coming years, MedCom is converting all its standards to HL7 FHIR and for that reason, MedCom is engaged in the international HL7 community and follows all international HL7 FHIR activities closely.

MedCom is also testing the European eDelivery infrastructure in preparation for national implementation in the health domain over the next couple of years.

Close cooperation opens new opportunities

The purpose of MedCom’s international activities and projects is to ensure that international experiences are used in a Danish context and that Danish experiences are transferred to international solutions and standards in the same way. This is also why MedCom incorporates results from international projects to regional and national activities.

In recent years, MedCom has more directly focused its participation in international projects aiming to create a direct synergy with national projects and activities. MedCom is focusing on the following international activities:

  • International promotion of Danish healthcare IT
  • International standardisation work
  • Exchange of experiences with European and Nordic networks
  • Participation in relevant EU projects

The international team consists of experienced project managers with competences in work package leadership, overall project coordination of innovation and research actions, analysis, implementation, and evaluation. The team involves and cooperates closely with the overall topics in MedCom (standardisation, testing, cybersecurity, etc.) and combines them with the international projects when needed.

Currently, MedCom seeks participation in projects within the following topics:

  • Standards
  • Testing and certification
  • Quality management
  • Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO)
  • Video infrastructure in healthcare
  • Cross-sector communication and implementation
  • Telemedicine
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cyber and Information security

Would you like to know more - or would you like to cooperate with us? Then do not hesitate to contact us - see details below  ↓

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