Opdateret 25. januar 2019

National activities

MedCom is a national non-profit project organisation that develops, tests and disseminates electronic communication via national healthcare communication standards. MedCom is jointly owned by the Danish Ministry of Health, Danish Regions and Local Government Denmark.

MedCom’s most essential job is to support the local co-operation between regions, municipalities and general practitioners and to coordinate national project plans. This is always in close collaboration with regions, municipalities, the primary sector and IT vendors.

MedCom is also a project organisation, running in two-year project periods. Currently we are in MedCom’s 11th project period (MedCom11: 2018-2019).

MedCom works within four types of activities:

1. Cross-sector dissemination 
MedCom serves as project coordinator, provides support and information for healthcare professionals, and is involved in various national committees, including the preparation of new initiatives and statistical monitoring of implementation and dissemination. There is a particular focus on telemedicine solutions and exchange of data such as exchanges of journals and electronic referrals.

2. Standards, test and certification 
MedCom’s standards are the foundation for exchanges of relevant data between the different parts of the healthcare sector. MedCom is documenting, arranging courses, testing and certify IT vendors’ implementation as well as offering support and consultancy. MedCom’s standards include EDI letters for message-based data exchange, XML letters for message- or online-based data exchange and Danish profiles of HL7.

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3. System management
MedCom is also responsible for a number of public IT solutions. That involves specifications of requirements, supply and follow-up on contractual agreements, surveillance and support as well as user groups and future developments. MedCom is the system manager for the Danish Health Data Network (SDN), the joint video infrastructure (VDX) and the national home monitoring database (KIH).

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4. International activities 
Application, participation and project-management in relation to EU projects are part of MedCom’s international activities. In addition, MedCom also promotes Danish health IT and international standardisation initiatives.  

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